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Safety and working with hemp lime building materials

By admin | Sun 11th Jan 2015 23:37pm


Hemp, sand, AHMC Lime Binder and AHMC Hemp lime Render are all fine particulate materials.

Wear gloves and dust masks, safety glasses and covered clothing and footwear. Mixer operators should wear ear muffs, safety goggles, a dust mask and gloves.


Clean skin with diluted vinegar.  The vinegar neutralises the lime in the binder materials. Then rinse with fresh water. Use a barrier cream.

Lime is a painful irritant to the eyes. Irrigate with eyewash or clean water immediately until free of any matter in the eye. Seek medical attention.

If ingested wash out mouth with water and give copious amounts of water to drink. Larger doses may irritate intestinal tract. DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek medical advice if necessary.

If inhaled: Irrigate nose and throat with water for at least 20 minutes. It is advisable to seek medical attention. Repeated inhalations of high dust concentrations may cause pneumonitis and ulceration or perforation of the nasal septum.

No known delayed effects. The product is considered to be non-toxic however it is an irritant and precautionary practices are important.

Keep out of reach of children.