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“When we talk about Australia not being ready for a low carbon future, we are actually ideally poised for a low carbon future. This is probably one of the most powerful resources that we have available to us and one of the most powerful tools we have for addressing carbon.” Klara Marosszeky

Building from local renewable resources – Striving for a sustainable future, Rethink Building Materials, Creating ecological housing for the designer, builder and home owner,  Marosszeky, K.,ed Dick Clarke (2014)


“Unlike cement it doesn’t absorb water. It sets to stone over time,” Mr Sippo said. Hemp masonry is also lighter than similar moulded building techniques, making it easier to work with.The hemp also breathes, which Mr Sippo said was ideal for humid Northern Rivers conditions because it reduced the chance of mildew.

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First zero-energy green gallery opens at Singapore Botanic Gardens
The National Parks Board and property firm City Developments Ltd opens two new facilities in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which includes a certified green building that also promotes the country’s history of greening efforts