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Hemp Hurd

Australian Hemp Masonry2014-11-30

Hemp Hurd or Shiv is the name given to the processed inner woody core of the Industrial Hemp plant which is used in building.

We are active in developing relationships with farmers and aim to source our Hemp Hurd from Australian farms as close to the location of our construction projects as possible.

Forms of Hemp lime construction have been used for centuries. The hemp hurd or shiv when mixed with a lime binder forms a light weight aggregate. The lime is antiseptic and antibacterial and the highly insulative composite material is fire retardant.

The material’s flexibility allows it to be used in a number of ways in addition to new construction.  For example retaining the frame but replacing poorly insulated composite external walls can be a good option in retrofitting for energy efficiency.

A lighter form of the insulative walling material can also be used for roofing and subfloor insulation.