The Australian Hemp Masonry Company


AHMC Binder

Australian Hemp Masonry Company Binder
AHMC Binder was developed at UNSW and is manufactured in Sydney. It is the first Australian hemp lime building material available for the construction of non-loadbearing walls. The material is certified as complying with the Building Code of Australia.

When it is combined with Hemp Hurd, sand and water the AHMC Binder creates a durable, high quality, carbon neutral building material suitable for exterior and interior wall construction and renovation or retrofitting for energy efficiency.

AHMC Hemp Masonry is fire retardant and has low embodied energy. It has excellent flexural strength.

Often referred to as hempcrete or hemp lime construction materials, Hemp Masonry has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent acoustic isolation
  • Fire retardant
  • Mould retardant creating healthy living and working environments
  • Carbon positive building material – the fast growing hemp biomass absorbs around 10 tonnes per ha carbon dioxide during the plant growth phase. This then locked into housing.
  • Rather then being kiln baked the materials draw in further carbon from the atmosphere over time to cure
  • Breathable  walls provides excellent indoor air quality
  • Materials from demolished hemp masonry walls can be readily recycled