The Australian Hemp Masonry Company


AHMC Lime Binder

Australian Hemp Masonry Company Binder
AHMC’s Lime Binder was developed at UNSW and is manufactured in Sydney. It is the first Australian hemp lime building material available for the construction of non-loadbearing walls. When installed as specified, AHMC Hemp lime building materials are certified as complying with the Building Code of Australia.

Combined with Hemp Hurd, sand and water in the prescribed proportions, AHMC Binder creates a light, durable, high quality, highly energy efficient, carbon neutral Hemp lime building material with excellent flexural strength.

Suitable for non-combustible, breathable, thermally efficient exterior and interior walls in new single and multi-storey residential or commercial buildings, renovations and in retrofitting projects where improved energy efficiency is the goal.

Available in 9Kg and 18Kg bags for 120L or 350L Pan mixers.