The Australian Hemp Masonry Company



Australian Hemp Masonry Mullumbimbi. 002Buildings made of AHMC Hemp Masonry:

  • store the carbon from a renewable biomass throughout the life of the building and can be recycled
  • create a vapour-permeable construction envelope that ensures healthy indoor air quality
  • provide excellent thermal insulation and light thermal mass
  • can create an ideal thermal envelope
  • have excellent hygro-thermal performance – they manage moisture in buildings very effectively
  • avoid thermal bridging, providing good airtightness with simple detailing
  • are effective acoustically, dampening sound in buildings
  • are simple to construct. Hemp building requires care but the skills are easy to learn.
  • reduce the load on foundations because it is light weight material
  • can have zero waste, as previously mixed material can be reintroduced
 in controlled proportions to new mixes.

For optimal durability once dried, exterior hemp walls should be finished with AHMC Hemp-lime Render, or another Lime render or breathable finish. Other than this hemp lime buildings needs no unusual protection from the elements.

As with all lime based construction materials to ensure a quality build, Designers, Builders and Owner Builders require a comprehensive understanding of the product. AHMC offers formal training in design and hemp construction combined with hands on experience through regular Hemp Building Workshops.

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