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Healthy Spaces by Design

Healthy Spaces by Design
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Amanda Bertoldi-Ward created Healthy Spaces By Design to follow her passion in creating more healthier, naturally beautiful and harmonious spaces for people through a combination of holistic architecture and modern feng shui. She hopes to empower people in finding a healthier and more harmonious way to live in our modern world.

Our living and working environments have a huge effect on our health and wellbeing and this is not as well known in Australia.  There is not much point eating well or exercising your body if you then come home to live in an unhealthy house (or workplace).    It is important to know that there can be many natural and man-made stresses in our environment that can affect our health simply by where our house is built and what’s in it.  To achieve optimal health in our modern world, these elements all need to support each other to provide true health and wellbeing.

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Healthy Spaces by Design

Tamborine Mountain, QLD

0405 152 142

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