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This is the philosophy behind the beautiful, functional homes by Jaye Irving and Barefoot Sustainable Design. Early in his career, Jaye’s keen interest in green issues drove him to travel the world gathering knowledge; Rammed earth designs in India, Sustainable effluent design in the U.K. and Alternative building design in Ireland, to name but a few of the areas of his diverse interest. His journeys eventually lead him to Northern N.S.W. to a course in permaculture design.

‘It was the glue that bonded all of these principles by looking at a holistic approach of how we live’ Jaye notes. It was this knowledge combined with his already extensive skills base that was then used on a grassroots level to create a multi-dwelling permaculture design farm for a NGO in Southern India. Working “hands on” with local villagers using naturally occurring local materials, they built homes and cultivated gardens in the desert with their previously non utilised waste water.

The success of the principles behind that experience then formed the foundations of Jaye’s architectural priorities from that moment on. ‘Creating liveable structures which maintain a stable climate naturally with minimal energy input while providing their own energy, dealing with their own waste, capturing daylight and harvesting prevailing winds, while providing a strong connection with the surrounding natural environment’

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