The Australian Hemp Masonry Company

Australian Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd

Australian Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd

Australian Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd (AHMC) supplies Australian developed and manufactured BCA compliant Hemp lime construction materials for commercial and residential applications. AHMC also specialises in hemp building advice and training.


Australian Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd (AHMC) is Australia’s leading company in the development of hemp lime construction materials and processes. Following on from research and development work with UNSW from 2000 – 2006, the company has been manufacturing certified BCA compliant building materials in Sydney since 2008. The company works closely with regional farmers and processors in NSW and other states to support the strengthening Australian hemp industry.

AHMC provides consultancy services and delivers training to Architects, Building Designers, Builders and Owner builders to ensure that products are accessible to the broader Australian and Australasian regional market.

AHMC has a commitment to continuous improvement and ongoing research and development of hemp masonry products. Our products contribute to the diversity and climate resilience of the Australian farming and construction industries.

AHMC produces low embodied energy, thermally efficient, renewable construction materials that significantly reduce ongoing operational energy use in commercial and residential buildings.

The company is committed to working effectively with the broader community including global transition groups and Indigenous communities who are looking for sustainable housing solutions. AHMC supports carbon abatement through regional farming and processing of high biomass fibre crops.

Our Approach

Australian Hemp Masonry Pty Ltd’s work spans across the the hemp construction and hemp farming sectors. We believe it is critical to support the Australian farming sector including small to medium scale farmers to enable a smooth transition from a fossil fuel to a carbon based economy. 

The Lime Binders and Hemp lime Renders we supply are certified and were developed and tested over a 6 year period at the Australian Centre for Construction Innovation at UNSW and for a further 6 years in the field. As a supplier of hemp lime products we also advise and train architects, building designers, builders and owner builders.