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Commercial Construction – the Green Gallery and Heritage Museum, Singapore Botanic Gardens

By Ben Convery | Sun 7th Sep 2014 11:36am

The CDL Green Gallery and Heritage Museum forms a part of a UNESCO bid for the Singapore Botanic Gardens which is the largest green space in Singapore. It is Singapore’s first zero energy building combining a number of innovative eco-solutions including hemp masonry. The Gallery was opened by the Prime Minister of Singapore in November 2013.

The project combines a modular steel frame with hemp masonry cladding alternating with Green Walls. A variety of different effects have been achieved in the hemp lime walls using varying kinds of formwork, varying sands and pigments. These photographs was taken 8 months after the completion of the build and the living walls are well established.

AHM supplied the materials for the build and AHM’s Managing Director, Klara Marosszeky travelled to Singapore to consult with the designers and train a crew of hemp installers who then undertook the build.