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Workshop Registration

By Ben Convery | Wed 27th Jul 2016 23:45pm

Workshop Registration

Please complete this registration form to confirm your interest in attending one of our upcoming workshops.

Hemp home in Mullumbimby nearing completion

By admin | Tue 10th Mar 2015 19:26pm

10420128_785832651458646_4828111993945383490_n             IMG_0601 - Version 2

This home in Mullumbimby is the design of Jaye Irving from Barefoot Design and the work of local Northern Rivers artisan and builder, Corey Thompson from Xylosinuous Design. The ground floor of the home has hemp walls.

Some interior walls will remain exposed and these will be sealed with a clear sealant.  Externally the walls are lime rendered with the exception of this feature wall near an entry.

Sustainable building solutions.

By admin | Mon 24th Nov 2014 11:45am


Australian Hemp Masonry Hazelbrook BuildForms of Hemp lime construction have been used for centuries. The hemp hurd or shiv when mixed with a lime binder forms a light weight aggregate. The lime is antiseptic and antibacterial and the highly insulative composite material is fire retardant.

The material’s flexibility allows it to be used in a number of ways in addition to new construction.  For example retaining the frame but replacing poorly insulated composite external walls can be a good option in retrofitting for energy efficiency.

A lighter form of the insulative walling material can also be used for roofing and subfloor insulation.

Buildings made of hemp:

  • store the carbon from a renewable biomass throughout the life of the building material
  • create a vapour-permeable construction envelope that ensures healthy indoor air quality
  • provide excellent thermal insulation and some thermal mass
  • avoid thermal bridging and provides good airtightness with simple detailing
  • are simple to construct. Hemp building requires care but the skills are easy to learn.
  • reduce the load on foundations because it is light weight material
  • can have zero waste, as previously mixed material can be reintroduced
 in controlled proportions to new mixes.

For optimal durability once dried, exterior hemp walls should be finished with a Hemp lime, Lime or other natural render or breathable finish. Other than this hemp lime needs no unusual protection from the elements.

As with all lime based construction materials, to ensure a quality build Designers, Contractors and Owner Builders require a high level of understanding of the product. AHM offers formal training and hands on experience through regular Hemp Building Workshops.

We supply Binders and Renders for building …

By admin | Mon 24th Nov 2014 11:43am

..Supplying Australian made and owned certified hemp building materials .

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