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Australia’s First Earthship

By Ben Convery | Tue 1st Jul 2014 00:20am


Queensland 2013/14. This is the first Earthship to be built in Australia. The build started in January with a very diverse group of about 50 people ranging in experience, age and cultural backgrounds. It was run as a workshop so people could attend and participate in the build to empower those who wish to be involved in Earthships to gain the necessary skills and connect with people who have complementary skills, so as to form Earthship building teams and meet skilled allies and new friends.

Built with AHMC hemp-lime composite — hemp hurd mixed with a lime based binder and used as a insulation layer for the roof as well as some reinforced cement footings and extra steel used to strengthen the structure in case of a cyclone. This Earthship build is focused on using a loving intent because to be sustainable, to care about the earth and to care about the people, is to live a lifestyle of loving intent, which is permaculture and therefore is co-creation.